Our History

An Overview of Our Company Since Its Incorporation

Our Company(“Aditya Consumer Marketing Limited”) was incorporated on July 25, 2002, as Aditya Consumer Marketing Private Limited under the provisions of the Companies Act, 1956 (Now it is Companies Act, 2013) with the Registrar of Companies, Patna, Bihar. Our Company was converted into a public limited company and consequently the name of our Company was changed to Aditya Consumer Marketing Limited pursuant to a special resolution passed by our Shareholders at the Extra Ordinary General Meeting held on March 14, 2016. A fresh certificate of incorporation consequent upon conversion to public limited company was issued on June 14, 2016.

We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified Company, engaged in “Multi-Brand Retail Trade” and operate and manage chain of Supermarkets, Salon & Spa services, Fine Dining Restaurants providing multi-cuisine foods and beverages, Take-Away-Express services, Banquet and Conference halls for corporate events and private parties such as birthday, marriage ceremony, anniversaries etc. at various locations of Patna, Gaya, Darbhanga and Muzaffarpur in the state of Bihar.

Our Company started its operation and opened its first Supermarket under the brand 9to9 in the year 2002 at Bandar Bagicha, Patna and thereafter the Company continued to expand its business and forayed into diversified business interests. Under the Chairmanship of Mr. Yashovardhan Sinha, who is Managing Director and Promoter of our Company having wide experience in the business and industry and has been instrumental in developing the business of our Company, he Conceptualized the idea of setting up supermarkets in Bihar. He has been at the helm of affairsof the organization since the year 2008, post his voluntary retirement from bank and holds more than 10 years of experience in Retail, Consumer Durables, F&B and Beauty & wellness sector.

Our Company has entered into franchise agreement dated May 09, 2008 for operating restaurants under the brand name of Yo! China with Moods Hospitality Private Limited.

Our focus is on quality and customers. It is the source of our daily commitment to an integrated responsibility that upholds our identifying principles of ethics, passion, professionalism and transparency. Our business operation can be categorized into the following divisions/units under the brand name of “9to9 Super Market”, “9to9 Salon & Spa”, 9to9 Banquet & Conference Hall”, “Yo! China” and “Take-Away-Express” which are spread across in the city of Patna, Gaya, Darbhanga and Muzaffarpur, Bihar:

9 to 9:-This division comprises of Super Market, Salon & Spa and Banquet & Conference Hall.

Super Market:- This division of Supermarket retails fast moving consumer goods, essential household goods, fruit and vegetables, processed packaged and processed foods, clothes, cosmetics, perfumes, dairy products, toys etc. through its stores at several locations of Patna. As of date, we have Five stores/outlets in Patna and one is at Gaya and one is at Muzaffarpur and currently employ 72 personnel in aggregate. We have also developed our inhouse brand to offer our customers quality alternatives to national brands at substantial savings. The key strength of the stores/outlets is multi-skilled employees who can handle different roles as the need arises; well recognized branded products; wide selection of quality products; hygienic environment.

Salon & Spa: - We have an extensive network of exclusive outlets “9to9 Salon & Spa”. We have a comprehensive portfolio of hair care and skin care services catering to the needs of a diverse range of consumers including women and men. There are separate salons for men & women. As of date the 9to9 Salon & Spa provides hair cut and other beauty services through its exclusive outlets in Patna, Gaya and one new ladies salon at Muzaffarpur in the Month of February, 2022 and planning towards expanding our presence in other Districts of Bihar. Our salons are managed by a team of experienced and professionals, exclusively focused on different aspects of the hair and beauty care industry. We believe our well trained professional team with specific skill to understand the ever changing customer requirement, cost effective routine beauty services drive foot traffic and frequency of visits and serve as an entry point for new customers and ensures smooth operations at each of our outlets.

Banquet and Conference Hall: - We have 5 banquet and Conference halls, out of which three are located at Bandar Bagicha, Patna namely Sapphire with a sitting capacity of approximately two hundred people at a time, Ruby with a sitting capacity of approximately two hundred people at a time and Crystal with a sitting capacity of approximately three hundred people at a time and one is at Gaya with seating capacity of approximately two hundred people at a time. And one is located at Muzaffarpur with seating capacity of approximately two hundred people at a time, these halls served the purpose of hosting various parties, conferences, shows, marriages, corporate event etc.

Yo! China:-

We are operating our 7 restaurant business on franchise basis under the brand name of “Yo! China” a trademark of Moods Hospitality Private Limited and pay a royalty fees annually to the franchisor for the use of their brand. We at our restaurant offer both Chinese and Oriental cuisine with an unique experience for customers looking for casual and fine dining option. Out of seven restaurants we have four restaurants in Patna, one each at Gaya, Darbhanga and Muzaffarpur.

Casual Dining: Our casual dining restaurants has a relaxed, casual ambience wherein we serve Chinese cuisine only. The foods served are moderately priced.

Fine Dining Restaurant: Our fine dining restaurants has cozy ambience and beautiful decor wherein we serve Chinese as well as Oriental cuisine. We believe that our restaurants have developed a brand image and customer loyalty due to high quality of food served by us with enjoyable atmosphere and warm service. The foods served at our fine dining are slightly high priced in comparison to casual dining.

Take-Away-Express (Online And Offline Food Delivery Platform):-

Our three(3) Take-Away-Express outlets, two(2) at S.K Puri and even one is having Dine-In Facility with good quality of foods and best services, and one is at Kadamkuan, Patna serving fast food over the counter and also delivers to consumers with limited items in its menu in a quick serve format. We constantly strive to develop our products that suit the tastes of our consumers at affordable price. We believe that our convenient and hygienic locations, quality service and products, dedicated team efforts will help us work towards our long term vision of being one of the leading takeaway food center in Patna region.


We currently operate our business on leased premises located at various places in Patna, Gaya Darbhanga and Muzaffarpur, Bihar. Our registered office situated at Lower Ground and Ground Floor, Aditya House, M-20, Road No.26, S.K. Nagar, Patna-800001, Bihar is also taken on lease basis.

Competitive Strengths:

Experienced Management Team and Customer Centric Employees:- Our operations are managed by a team of experienced and professional managers with significant experience in the business and industry. Our success has been largely due to the contribution of our Promoter and Managing Director Mr. Yashovardhan Sinha having wide experience in the business and industry and has been instrumental in developing the business of our Company. We believe that our management team has been able to identify attractive opportunities which will, in conjunction with the management's operational expertise, continue to yield positive results for us. We also believe that our human resource development program, which include leadership and talent development program have fostered an enviable workforce. We have also employed various integrated mechanisms to receive and evaluate customer feedback and utilize that to nurture customer centric employees.

Quality products and services:- We emphasize on product quality by way of strict selection of suppliers and quality checks upon the receipt of the products. We are ISO 9001:2008 certified Company and have developed and implemented a self-monitoring system for food hygiene and safety.

Established relationships with our suppliers: We have established a large network of suppliers for our business. These relationships have enabled us to have a continuous supply of products without major disruptions and allow us to wield greater bargaining power in terms of the purchase prices of our products.

Catering to the needs of our customers with a wide product range and services: We believe that we have extensive knowledge of consumer preferences and consumption patterns, and are hence able to cater to the daily needs of our customers by providing professional hair care and beauty care solutions, wide selection of quality products such as spices, sauces, noodles and canned foods etc. In addition, each of our stores is open for 12 to 13 hours a day, thus enabling our customers to purchase groceries and other household necessities at their convenience. We believe that our restaurants “Yo! China” have developed a strong brand image and customer loyalty due to high quality of food served by them and their ambience and decor. Our food and beverage capabilities are backed by experienced chefs employed by us. The food and beverage teams in our restaurants partner with our chefs to utilize customer feedback for creating unique products and services, identifying new trends, and introducing innovative dining concepts and experiences.

Computerized systems facilitate efficient operations: Our computerized systems including our Management Information System assist us in controlling and replenishing our inventory levels, as well as in analyzing various aspects of our business and operations. We believe our computerized systems have enabled us to maintain low and effective levels of inventory and to make timely decisions regarding purchasing and distribution matters in order that we may run our operations more efficiently as well as lower our operating costs.

Diversified business model: We operate in diverse businesses and are therefore not overly reliant on one particular business or product line. Our businesses include consumer products, chemicals, real estate, and agricultural products, which complement our rapidly growing, newer businesses, such as our beverages and foods and our gourmet foods and fine beverages retail chain.

Loyal customer’s base: We believe the connect we have been able to create with our customers through our service offering and special promotions has helped us convert many of them into loyal customers. To support these efforts to build customer loyalty, we will continue to seek to ensure the personalized elements that draw customers back to our outlets/stores.

Strong regional presence: We have grown over a period of time by spreading our operations at different location of Patna, Bihar. We have developed a network of six stores and are able to understand the requirements of customers of these areas and design the product portfolio accordingly. Our strong presence in these locations has enabled us to build our brand value.

Our Strategy:

Increase Geographical Presence: We started our business at Patna in Bihar, and in 2018 we moved to Gaya and in 2020 moved to Darbhanga and in 2021 moved to Muzaffarpur, to grab the market and customer over there. Our planning regarding our presence in other markets in the state of Bihar and other states of India. Our emphasis is on expanding the scale of our operations in other markets which we believe will provide us attractive opportunities to grow our client base and revenues.

Introducing new brands and developing more Private Labels: We are focus on enhancing the depth and width of our merchandise in our stores. Our private label and private brands initiative is part of such focus and offers us a differentiating factor as compared to our competition at the same time helps us enhance margins.

Strengthening of Brand:- We intend to invest in developing and enhancing our brand image, through brand building efforts, communication and promotional initiatives such as advertisements in print media, hoardings, televisions, organizing events, and participation in industry events, etc. This is a continuous exercise which would increase the brand image resulting in an increase of sales and profitability.

Expand our product and service portfolio:- We offer wide range of products and services to various segments of consumer. Our operations are connected with the consumer preferences and changing choices and accordingly, it is imperative for us to forecast and continuously identify the changing demands of our consumers. We intend to continue to identify and evaluate consumer demand and expand our product and service portfolio in terms of new products, enhanced services etc. so as to cater to the growing demands of our consumers.

Continue to develop client relationships and trust: We plan to grow our business primarily by growing our client relationships and trust. We believe that increased client relationships and trust will add stability to our business. We seek to build on existing relationships and also focus on bringing into our portfolio more clients. We believe that our business is a by-product of relationship and trust. Long-term relations are built on trust and continuous meeting with the requirements of the customers.